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History of Smartlipo/Liposculpture
also known as Tumescent Lipo

Over the years, liposuction has evolved into one of
the safest cosmetic procedures performed today.

• 1921, Dr. Dujarrier, attempted to curette a ballerina’s knees.
   -- Not a good outcome.

• 1964, Schrudde, developed suction curettage.

• 1970’s, Dr. Fischer, a gynecologist from Italy invented the first canula.

• Performed under general anesthesia.
• Large volume of blood loss.
• Can exceed 50% of total volume
• Numerous complications

•1985, Dr. Jeffrey Klein, a Dermatologist, invented tumescent anesthesia.

• Dilute mixture of lidocaine and epinephrine in a saline solution.
• Gently infiltrated in the subcutaneous fat.
• Changed the nature of liposuction surgery.
• Minimal blood loss.
• Outpatient procedure.
• Very safe.
• Under local anesthesia.
• No risk of general anesthesia.

• 1990’s. Dr. Fournier, a general Surgeon, invented “liposculpture”
    using gentle syringe suction.

• Cross tunneling technique

• 2006. Cynosure Corp. developed the first laser for
   tumescent liposculpture called the Smartlipo.

• Heat from the laser melts the fat.
• Minimal bruising.
• Less downtime.
• Smaller incisions.
• Incredibly safe.


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